Android Game Teamup?

2015-04-30 18:54:08 by YellowByte

Hey, so I wanna make another Android game but I'd like to find someone who can either code or create cool assets to be used in the game.  Or even if you have a good idea for a game, throw a comment under this and we could team up or something.  

What's up?

2015-04-17 20:01:36 by YellowByte

What's up? 

UPDATE: College & Games

2015-04-13 18:37:34 by YellowByte

Hey guys,

Sorry I haven't posted in a while.  I am working on some new animations so stay tuned.  I'm also currently trying to finish my final year of college and get my degree, hence the lack of content.  As I said, sorry..


Since my degree is Computer Games Development, most of my recent projects have been games.  I've actually managed to publish two android games this year and for that I am proud. :)  I will link them below.

Anyway, I'll be back and posting before you know it.  So to all 10 of you out there I say, do not despair. :) x


My Games:

Hey guys, expect a short Half-Life 2 parody later this week! I hope everybody enjoy. Also, I plan to be uploading a lot more frequently so expect more content in the near future! See ya!

Half-Life Refueled: Coming Soon